National Cocktail Day

It’s true. Today National Cocktail Day is observed in the US. And I can absolutely not miss to blog about that and to celebrate! My friend sent me a text today with this link from flipboard about 10 Cocktails Every Man Should Know How to MakeCheck them out!

 In order to pay the due respect, I will share my favorite cocktails with you. 

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Parenting Styles abroad

To what extent does the country in which you live, far from where you grew up, influence the style of of your parenting? I don’t have the answer to that, I’ve always wondered about it though. Would I’ve become a different kind of mother back in Germany? Or what if we hadn’t moved to the US, but Spain?

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MeetUp Events

In February I shared with you my new meetup group and our first meeting on the blog. Since then the group has grown to 52 members and we had two more successful meetings.
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24 hours in Iceland

IMG_1409At the beginning of March I decided to go to Germany to visit my family. Getting a good flight deal last minute is a challenge. The cheapest option was to fly with “WOW Airlines”, a young airline based in Iceland. It was obvious that I just had to stop in Iceland for one night on the way back. How can anyone not take this opportunity, even if you wouldn’t be a travel addict like me?  The flight got even cheaper because I chose to fly only with carry-on and I will share the whole WOW experience in a future post.

24 hours Iceland: walk through Reykjavik,  Northern Lights tour at night and  Blue Lagoon in the morning before heading back to the airport.

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W is for…


Watsonville is a city in Santa Cruz County, California, with a population about 51,000. 2013_poster_souvenir_343x600It is known for its farming industry, growing strawberries, apples, lettuce and a host of other vegetables. Watsonville is home to the annual Strawberry Festival, which includes a wide variety of strawberry based foods, live music, vendors, and rides. The Pajaro Dunes area of Watsonville attracts tourists to its high end beach front condos and time shares.

Downtown. Watsonville, California, USA




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Ex-(re-)patriate interview #3

This time I talked to Susanne, img_1040a German who lives in California for the second time in her life.

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Fun and Support for Expat Women

A few weeks ago I founded a Meet Up group for Expat women in the Silicon Valley.

logo_meetupTo host this kind of group has been on my To Do list for quite some time and I finally I got around doing it. Meet Up is a website that brings people together in thousands of cities to do what they want to do in life. It has almost 30 mio. members around the globe.

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Three Word Thursday

Best of January

 – I haven’t really been consistent with my Three Word Thursdays, but I vow to improve.

It is February and I’m glad that January 2017 is over. It was the worst January of the decade and we all know why. But now it’s over and I don’t only want to only remember the shitty moments of this month but rather trying to think of all the good things that happened in my little universe. I decided to make this a monthly tradition: The best, the highlights of each of the twelve units of the year. I’ve seen these kind of posts on other blogs and I loved the idea. So here we go.  Continue reading

Y is for…


Of course. This is one of the best spots, if not THE greatest place in the Golden State. You feel small and irrelevant when you enter this spectacular valley which is full of natural beauties. River and waterfalls, mountains and gorges, cliffs and meadows, so many trails for hikers and rock faces for climbing lovers.


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Three Word Thursday

The last day….

of Barack Obama’s presidency is today.

I’m so sad. This country has become my second home and even though I don’t love everything about the US (neither do I about Germany), this president and his family has become a part of my home here  and my heart.

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